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The social sector connects opportunities to resources for stronger communities.

The social sector connects opportunities to resources for stronger communities.
Insights for the Social Sector

Every world class community has a strong nonprofit social sector.   While they may not grab the headlines, nonprofit organizations provide a range of important services that improve the quality of life for the entire community.  The most resilient have developed diverse revenue sources including individual contributors, foundations, corporate sponsorships, government-funded contracts, and fees for service.
Collaborate with Nonprofits:  the future for business
Today, more companies are finding business opportunities with nonprofits (beyond obvious vendor relationships) where there is synergy in their missions.  How do you measure the value of such a partnership?  As many nonprofits become more entrepreneurial in serving their clientele, they stand to learn from their corporate partners.
The social sector is our passion.  We work with organizations and their leaders to achieve their objectives.  Through interactive processes, we help them identify their priorities and develop realistic implementation strategies.  Insights Plus has a diverse network of seasoned professionals to ensure a great match for clients and subject matter expertise.
Social Sector development services include:
♦  Organizational Improvement & Transitions: governance review, board and staff development, process improvement, data analysis
♦  Strategic Direction: recognize the past, plan for the future
♦  Collaborations: create, strengthen, or renew synergies with other nonprofits, related businesses, and government entities.
♦  Leadership Coaching: for executives, new managers, management teams
♦  Board Education & Training: unlearn bad habits, engage, and revitalize the board/staff relationship
♦  Team Building:  fun and effective workshops and practices that improve morale, increase trust, and boost productivity.
Please contact us if your organization is undergoing a change or considering a new direction.
We’re happy to talk with you and see if there is a fit for our services.

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