Client Projects

McLeod & More, Inc.

Executive Coaching

Facilitated team session that resulted in 90-day action plan with clear delegated tasks, alignment of responsibilities and authority, and clear follow-up process.  Provide additional coaching to Lisa Earle McLeod.

Parkwood Farms Therapy Center

Strategic Planning Retreat – Design & Facilitation

Designed and facilitated one-day strategic planning session for the Board of Directors.  Results from session:  shared understanding of PFTC’s current condition (programs & finances);  clarification of roles;  understanding of steps to re-organize;  opportunities for coming year.

Gwinnett Village Community Alliance (GVCA)

Program development for Gwinnett Village Financial Services Center

We facilitated the collaboration with education and technical assistance services providers, creating MOUs, calendar of workshops and events, and developing the marketing strategies to multiple audiences.   This Financial Services Center, with significant funding through the United Way of  Metropolitan Atlanta, brings these resources to the residents of the Gwinnett Village area:  career and employment connections, financial education, and technical assistance to improve credit, prevent foreclosures, file taxes, and prepare for entrepreneurship.  

US Treasury Department    (through HRAnew, Inc.)

CDFI Financial Assistance Application Reviewer — supplemental round

Provided independent review, analysis, and recommendations for 10 applications to the CDFI Financial Assistance program.  Each applicant requested the maximum, $2 million, for use as financing capital, loan loss reserves, capital reserves, or operations.   CDFI Fund received a total of 194 applications from 44 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico for the fiscal year (FY) 2009 supplemental round of the CDFI Program that makes $52 million available.  The 194 applicants requested an aggregate of over $270 million in financial assistance.

The Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Program was established to invest in and build the capacity of CDFIs to serve low-income people and communities lacking adequate access to affordable financial products and services.

The Fund provides monetary awards for Financial Assistance (FA) and Technical Assistance (TA) through the CDFI Program. CDFIs use FA awards to further goals such as:

  • Economic development (job creation, business development, and commercial real estate development);
  • Affordable housing (housing development and homeownership); and
  • Community development financial services (provision of basic banking services to underserved communities, financial literacy training, and predatory lending alternatives).

Financial Assistance Awards – Through FA awards, the Fund invests in certified CDFIs that demonstrate they have the financial and managerial capacity to: 1) provide affordable and appropriate financial products and services that positively impact their communities; 2) be viable financial institutions; and 3) use and leverage CDFI Fund dollars effectively.

FA awards are made in the form of equity investments, loans, deposits, or grants, and must be matched, dollar for dollar, by the applicant with funds of the same type from non-federal sources. FA awards enable CDFIs to leverage private capital to respond to demand for affordable financial products and services in economically distressed markets and by low-income families. CDFIs respond to this demand through the provision of loans, investments, training, technical assistance and basic financial services such as checking or savings accounts. Based on data supplied by CDFIs required to report to the Fund, it is estimated that CDFIs leverage their FA awards with other dollars by an average of 20:1.

US Treasury Department    (through HRAnew, Inc.) 

New Market Tax Credit Application Reviewer

Reviewed, analyzed, and scored a dozen New Market Tax Credit applications for the U.S. Treasury Department as part of its comprehensive review and ranking process to issue NMTC awards.  Most applicants requested the maximum amount of $125 million.

Treasury’s CDFI Fund received a total of 249 applications under the 2009 round of the New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program. These applicants requested an aggregate total of more than $22.4 billion in NTMC allocation authority.

A total of $5 billion of allocation authority is available this round including the $1.5 billion in additional allocation authority authorized through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the Recovery Act).

The NMTC Program, established by Congress in December of 2000, permits individual and corporate taxpayers to receive a credit against federal income taxes for making qualified equity investments in investment vehicles known as Community Development Entities (CDEs). The credit provided to the investor totals 39 percent of the cost of the investment and is claimed over a seven-year period. Substantially all of the taxpayer’s investment must in turn be used by the CDE to make qualified investments in low-income communities. Successful applicants are selected only after a competitive application and rigorous review process that is administered by the CDFI Fund.

Gwinnett Village Community Alliance (GVCA)

Organizational Development Services.   Re-organized this collaborative nonprofit with the following services:

  • Reviewed and updated by-laws
  • Reconstitute its board of directors
  • Create an advisory council of prominent leaders
  • Created relevant financial and operational policies for the organization
  • Conducted Executive Director search and facilitated her transition
  • Worked with major funder to bring keystone program to the organization.

Workforce Resource, LLC

Assisted this new web-based service that helps mortgage lenders and real estate agents find all the incentive and downpayment assistance programs for which their clients may be eligible.   Provided technical assistance on the program functionality, data points, and fostered collaborative agreements with assistance providers.

Emory University Office of Community Partnerships

Emory’s Partnerships & Research for Equitable Development — Action Oriented Research on Foreclosures.  Facilitated a series of sessions among practitioners working to address the impacts of residential foreclosures in the metro Atlanta area.  Services included planning and convening sessions, facilitating and recording information from the sessions, and analysis of the information and issues raised in all the sessions.

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