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Lynn Griffin, M.S., HR/OD

Lynn Griffin

Lynn Griffin

Organizational Development Consultant

Lynn has extensive Organizational Development (OD) consulting experience. Her interest in OD was piqued 20 years ago when she was employed with Nestle Foods and experienced the merger with Carnation Foods. The shift from Nestle’s entrepreneurial culture to Carnation’s command-and-control culture resulted in large costs of time, money, and talent to the merged company. She became very interested in organizational behavior, industrial relations, and human capital.

Since earning a Master of Science in Human Resource Management & Organizational Development, Lynn has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial and nonprofit organizations.

Lynn is a champion for educating organizations about the impact organizational behaviors make on employees, customers, and the organization as a whole. Absent an intentional focus on organizational development, the best ideas for change can fall flat. Organizational development is concerned with managing planned change, both formally and informally. It is an adaptive process for planning and implementing sustainable change, rather than just a strategic blueprint for how things should be done.

Lynn enjoys helping organizations maximize their potential by ensuring their structure and systems are designed for success and the talents of their people (staff, volunteers, consultants) are being used to maximum advantage. This includes sequencing activities, processes, and leadership issues to produce lasting improvements.

Lynn Griffin assists clients with:

* Organizational Learning & Change Management
* Organizational Structure and Re-structure
* Leadership coaching
* Talent Management (i.e., job analysis – the right people in the right roles, compensation, succession planning, staff development)
* Job Design & Performance Appraisals
* Employee Lifecycle (recruiting, training, and retaining a quality workforce)
* Performance & Productivity

Ms. Griffin earned her MS in Human Resource Management & Organizational Development from Eastern Michigan University. She is also a graduate of Michigan State University, with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising.

Lynn can be reached at lynn@insightsplus.net or 770.527.2181

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