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About Insights Plus, LLC

Insights Plus consulting practice focuses on nonprofit sustainability and optimal performance in this challenging environment. The practice, led by Marina Sampanes Peed, includes consultants with strong subject matter expertise who help clients build their capacity and achieve their desired goals.

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With decades of combined experience in coaching and consulting in Atlanta, Georgia and across the country, Insights Plus offers excellent training and support for your organization.

Nonprofit Performance

  • renewing a nonprofit organization
  • creating a new nonprofit organization
  • board development
  • board reinvigoration
  • board training & planning
  • organizational design or re-design
  • staff development
  • job descriptions, performance evaluation processes
  • fundraising / resource development plans
  • marketing plans
  • executive or team coaching
  • collaboration and partnerships
  • evaluation and continuous improvement
  • outcome measures and logic models

Social Sector, Businesses, Government Agencies

  • Organizational development
  • business process mapping
  • team building workshops
  • performance enhancement training
  • leadership training programs
  • fundraising /resource development ideas
  • strategic planning
  • program redesign
  • public/private partnership development

Corporate Philanthropy & Foundations

  • Philanthropy strategy
  • Grants program design
  • Community outreach
  • Community relations
  • Leverage of resources

Community Development

  • Affordable housing development and redevelopment
  • Revitalization strategies
  • Foreclosure prevention and mitigation

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