Nonprofits Keep Us Strong

… and united

We live in an economic system where the for-profit and the government sectors cannot meet all the demands in the marketplace for all services. The “markets” of  very low-and low-income households traditionally served by nonprofit organizations has grown in recent years as the unemployment has risen and wages have stagnated while the costs of living has increased.

This is a time when more people are reaching out for help — for affordable child care, health services, prescriptions, after school activities, senior services, academic readiness, foreclosure assistance and emergency housing…

And the very agencies experiencing this increased demand are also experiencing financial shortfalls from all directions.

How can nonprofits make it through this financial storm?

With YOUR help!   Pick a couple causes that tug at your heart and get involved.  Then, get your family involved.  Then invite your friends and co-workers to get involved.  Before you know it, you will see compound interest at work.

Insights Plus is passionate about strengthening communities through a healthy social sector.  The consulting practice focuses on nonprofit sustainability and optimal performance in this challenging environment. The practice, led by Marina Sampanes Peed, includes consultants with complementary expertise who help clients build their capacity and achieve their desired goals.

Marina Sampanes Peed, principal, has more than twenty years of community development experience.  Marina has consulted to banks and local governments on community reinvestment issues; led a successful nonprofit CDC; served on many boards of directors; and helped launch local, state-wide, and national nonprofit organizations.

Insights Plus works primarily with five types of clients:

  • Nonprofits: organizational development & transition strategies, executive coaching, strategic direction, collaboration, board development, board and staff training
  • Foundations: proposal review, program evaluation, development of grant guidelines/criteria
  • Businesses: collaboration with nonprofits, development of corporate giving guidelines, community outreach, proposal review, social marketing
  • Community Developers: real estate developers, CDCs, Realtors, lenders, and local governments — seeking innovative strategies to remedy this housing crisis.
  • Government: program planning and development, community outreach, research

Insights Plus is dedicated to strengthening the way all the sectors collaborate for win-win-win soutions. We believe in the importance of a strong charitable nonprofit sector, so it can provide the opportunities and support that our communities depend upon.

We know the power of partnerships and have witnessed amazing results when the public and private sectors join forces with the social sector.

World class communities support and rely on a strong social sector.

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