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Insights for Nonprofits

A strong community has a strong nonprofit sector.  Nonprofit charitable organizations are tightly woven into the tapestry of the community, providing a range of important services. Most rely on individual contributors, foundations, sponsorships, government-funded contracts, and fees for service.

 We work with organizations and their leaders to achieve their objectives.  Through interactive processes, we help them identify their priorities and develop realistic implementation strategies.  Insights Plus has a diverse network of seasoned professionals to ensure a great match for client and subject matter expert.

Non-profit development services include:

  • Organizational Improvement & Transitions: governance review, board and staff development, process improvement, data analysis 
  • Strategic Direction: recognize the past, plan for the future
  • Collaborations: create, strengthen, or renew synergies with other nonprofits, related businesses, and government entities.  
  • Leadership Coaching: for executives, new managers, management teams
  • Board Education & Training: unlearn bad habits, engage, and revitalize the board/staff relationship
  • Team Building: fun and effective workshops and practices that improve morale, increase trust, and boost productivity.



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